ResetsX is a practical framework for change management that we developed, based on more than 35 years of experience with change in organizations. It consists of two main parts:

  • SIX FACTORS – Organizational change largely consists of behavioral change, and behavioral change is not just a matter of reason (1) but also involves emotions (2), group behavior (3), environmental conditions (4), timing (5) and the learning of new skills (6).
  • FOUR STEPS – Behavioral change takes place in a number of sometimes interrelated steps: it starts with existing routines (1), followed by starting to think and feel differently about things (2), as a next step action is taken (3) and finally one accustomes to the new behavior (4).

The X-factor

Actually there are seven factors, but the seventh is a bit special. In addition to the six factors mentioned, there is the X factor for change. We would be happy to inform you about this in an introductory meeting. Just contact us.

ResetsX … huh?

So, what does the word ResetsX stand for? Very simple actually. They are the first letters of the six factors plus the X factor. So Ratio, Emotion, Social, Environment, Timing, Skills and the X-factor. And the steps include ‘resets’, for example the Mind Reset and the Action Reset.

How is ResetsX different from other methods of change management?

Human centric

ResetsX is ‘human centric‘, ie. the approach takes people’s behavior as a central starting point. People aren’t robots, no ‘rational machines’. Of course, people want to understand (rationally) why we need to make what changes.

But mostly it is the underlying layer of emotions, group dynamics and other environmental factors that motivate people to get into action … or not. And self-confidence: can I do it? And even then it goes in steps. The order is important. And sometimes it goes fast, other times it goes not so fast. Unlearning old behavior and learning new behavior. ResetsX takes into account, no, is based on human dynamics.


Furthermore, we have developed useful, easy-to-use tools as part of the ResetsX framework. Just one example is the RE matrix. Here reason (Ratio) and emotion (Emotion) are contrasted on two axes. This leads to four quadrants, for example “it feels good & it’s not good”. This tool is ideal for starting a dialogue about the what and why of the intended change.

And so there are many more tools. Interested? Contact us.


Advantages of the ResetsX approach are:

  • The methodology is easy to understand and learn
  • The approach is intuitive and fully involves your people
  • It is a pragmatic approach, born from practice

In addition to 35 years of hands-on practical experience with organizational change, ResetsX contains various elements of well-known methods for change, such as those of John Kotter and Icek Ajzen. In addition, ResetsX uses insights from neurology, psychology, economics and other scientific disciplines.

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