We help your company make money with big data, data science, analytics and AI. We do so by advising on how to build a modern, data-driven organization and products. And we find the temporary or permanent staff to realize yours.

Succes starts with the right people. This is what we believe: “Passionate people with smart tools can change the world!”

What we do

We help companies build a data driven organization. And we help data & analytics professionals build a great career.

We do consulting, interim and recruitment. With special focus on search and matching of data & analytics executives and teams. Because we believe success starts with the right people.

How we started

Aiandus was founded as a consultancy firm in 2016 in Amsterdam by Kees Groeneveld. Kees is a consulting veteran: in 25 years he advised over 100 companies and institutions in more than 150 projects, e.g. with PwC and Capgemini. And Kees is a former Korn Ferry director. He has a university degree in theoretical physics.

Our specialty

From our data & analytics consulting activities, we received more and more questions about talent, roles and functions. So, since 2018 – next to our consulting work – we specialize in interim and recruitment. We do search and matching for all data & analytics roles, with a special focus on executives and teams.



You understand what time we live in and you don’t want to be left behind. You want to build a robust, modern organization with data & analytics, “the new oil” for modern technologies such as artificial intelligence.

We advise and prepare an action plan together with you. And we search for the people who can implement the plan for you. These may be technical and not so technical people, permanently or temporarily employed.

We believe that we are ready, when you have a solid team in your organization able to develop and maintain data-driven products, services and processes that are actively used by your customers and your organization.


You are active in data & analytics – or want to be, because you understand what time we live in. You now want to lay the foundation for a great career or take the next step, but you don’t have a good idea of ​​what is possible for you.

We advise you on development paths and career opportunities. For specific cases, we invite you for a more detailed introduction. If there is a fit, we will put you in contact with the company. Both permanent jobs and interim assignments.

We believe that we are ready, if you have a good idea of ​​your development options and career opportunities and if you work in a suitable organization in a job that fulfills your ambitions and where you go whistling to work.



We help companies and institutions to transform into a successful “data-driven” organization. The balance between people and technology determines success: what can people do better than technology, and vice versa. We do so by advising on ​​strategy and organization. Your people are crucial.

  • CONSULTING – Often, together with our client we develop a vision, strategy and implementation plan about how to deploy data in the business and how to best organise this.
  • INTERIM & RECRUITMENT – Next, we identify required roles and functions. If these cannot be filled internally, we will suggest temporary or permanent candidates.

In addition, we help candidates to make the transformation into a successful employee or entrepreneur in the data-driven economy. We do so with career advice and coaching or we arrange great permanent or temporary work for you.


You need a team to effectively build data driven products and services, let alone a data driven organization. It may well start with one specialist, but ultimately you will want a team.

In fact, every data & analytics team should have at least a Data Scientist, a Data Engineer and an Analytics Translator.

So, we have a team focus: typically, we build or complement – organically or through startup acquihire – data & analytics teams for our customers. Often executive search of a data & analytics executive, e.g. a Chief Data Officer, is a decisive part of that.


Scientific research has proven for years that the two most important factors for success at work are: skills and context. Also known as job fit and culture fit.

Job fit – That is why we don’t select with fashionable personality tests and other tools that create false certainty. Of course, we check whether the candidate has the skills for the role or function: you must be able to perform your tasks.

Culture fit – But above all we look at the match between the candidate and the vision, strategy and culture of your organization, including collaboration with the colleagues. Hence, our team focus.


  1. Consulting – We consult companies on how to organize data science, analytics & AI in order to ultimately build-up a data driven organization.
  2. Interim – We deliver interim – usually freelance – professionals and consultants, capable of building data driven products, services and processes.
  3. Recruitment – With (executive) search and matching we help our customers build a permanent workforce from executive tot professional level.


  1. Career advice – We help professionals prepare for or adapt to data-driven roles in the new era of data & analytics.
  2. New job – We find great fixed or temporary jobs for passionate data & analytics professionals.
  3. Development – We coach candidates in their new role and we organize professional communities, eg. for Analytics Translators.


For our customers we focus on the following teamroles.

Every Data & Analytics team should contain at least the following three professions, covering “technology”, “analysis” and “business”:


You are a software engineer with experience in distributed systems. Your responsibility will be the sw infrastructure that enables computation over large data sets.


You are a generalist data scientist or a specialist, e.g. a machine learning scientist. Your responsibility will be to extract insights from data using scientific methods.


You may or may not have deep technical knowledge. You will translate data & analytics to working business solutions. More about this new role? See

Other important Data & Analytics roles are:


You are an experienced executive with a background in data & analytics. You will be responsible for transforming your organization into a data driven business.


You are an experienced executive with a background in digital technology. Your responsibility will be to transform your organization into a digital company.


You are an experienced or aspiring department or team manager. Your responsibility will be to develop and maintain a successful data & analytics team.


You are an enterprise or business architect with special focus on data. Your responsibility will be to define how data are to be managed in your organization.


You rule over the data of your organization. Your task will be to make sure that strategically and operationally everyone has access to the right, workable data.


You are a data scientist or data engineer who is 100% specialized in machine learning. Your responsibility will be to design or build machine learning solutions.


You are a product owner or product manager. It will be your responsibility to develop, grow and maintain data driven products and/or data driven services.


You have an analytics background. It will be your responsibility to “translate data into plain English”: to use data to make better business decisions.


You have an analytics background. It will be your responsibility to represent data graphically to tell stories and to be able to make better decisions.


A data security specialist protects data from theft, unauthorized access etcetera. Your work will focus on finding risks and possible leaks.


A data protection officer is a data security leader, responsible for overseeing the data protection strategy and its implementation.

Of course, there are other roles in data & analytics. Here we only mentioned the most frequent ones. Besides, new roles will emerge. The data & analytics profession is rapidly growing and will keep on changing.

Below, an example of how Data & Analytics could be organized:

Note. Above, we talk about functions, because that is easy to relate to. Your Data & Analytics efforts won’t work, though, without balanced teamwork and a focus on business results: read e.g. this or this Harvard Business Review article. A well-known method for this is DataOps.

If this makes you think twice, please invite us for a FREE workshop on how to organize Data & Analytics in your organization.


Data & analytics and AI are a strongly emerging but still young field. Names for roles and functions are often not yet unambiguous. And many combinations of roles exist. Also there are many related roles, such as Lean & Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, DevOps and a number of IT and business functions.

And some roles do not have enough exposure. For example, we think, that the roles of Data Czar and Analytics Translator currently get far too little attention. And don’t forget the roles of eg. Data Tester and Data Consultant.

So, there are many other names for data & analytics specialists. Often these roles are named after a specific application or technology, like ML Expert. Of course, we are ready to help you find the right candidate or job. Such roles include e.g.:

  • Robotics (RPA) Expert

  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) Expert

  • Blockchain & Smart Contracts Expert

  • Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Expert

  • Quantum Computing (QC) Expert

  • CRISPR (esp. CRISPR-cas9) Expert

Also, it is important to note that Analytics Translators, Data Analysts and Data Product Managers usually have a specialization in an industry sector, e.g. financial services (FinTech) or healthcare (MedTech), or a functional specialization, e.g. HRM (People Analytics) or logistics (Smart Supply Chain, e.g. combined with IoT and Blockchain).


Are you a hiring company looking for candidates, a candidate looking for new opportunities or a potential business partner for us? We would love to speak to you about your future plans and challenges in the exciting field of data, analytics and AI. Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you asap.

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