We help companies build a data driven organization. And we help data professionals build a great career.

We specialize in data.

We advise on building a data-driven organization and we deliver contract and permanent data specialists.


You want to know who you work with. So, first let’s introduce ourselves. We are Aiandus.

We help companies and institutions with data science, analytics and AI. We do so by advising on how to build a modern, data-driven organization and products. And we find the temporary or permanent staff to realise yours.

This is what we believe: “Passionate people with smart tools can change the world!”

What we do

We help companies build a data driven organization. And we help data professionals build a great career.

We do consulting, interim and recruitment. So, we can provide the entire cycle from plan, implementation to employment of people. But, each of those separately too. Just the way you want it!

How we started

Aiandus was founded in 2017 by Kees Groeneveld. Kees is a consulting veteran: in 25 years he advised over 100 companies and institutions in more than 150 projects, eg. with PwC and Capgemini. And Kees is a former director at headhunter Korn Ferry. He has a university degree in theoretical physics.

Our specialty

From our data & analytics consulting activities, we received more and more questions about talent, roles and functions. So, since 2019 – next to our consulting work – we specialize in interim and recruitment. We do search and matching for all data & analytics roles, with a special focus on executives and teams.



Are you an executive of an organization that aims to become data-driven? Or are you responsible for ‘all things data’ in your organization, eg. as CDO or CIO? Then, this may be interesting for you! In 2021, we started a new initiative, “thé executive hub for chiefs and data in the Netherlands”, Chief Data NL, an exclusive network for ‘chiefs in data’ to learn from each other in a trustworthy, shielded environment.


“Passionate people with smart tools can change the world”

The Aiandus creed

This is what we believe, this is what we stand for: passionate professionals with intelligent tools for a better world!



You understand what time we live in and you don’t want to be left behind. You want to build a robust, modern organization with data & analytics, “the new oil” for modern technologies such as artificial intelligence.

We advise and prepare an action plan together with you. And we search for the people who can implement the plan for you. These may be technical and not so technical people, permanently or temporarily employed.

We believe that we are ready, when you have a solid team in your organization able to develop and maintain data-driven products, services and processes that are actively used by your customers and your organization.


You are active in data & analytics – or want to be, because you understand what time we live in. You now want to lay the foundation for a great career or take the next step, or you are simply looking for a cool assignment or job.

We advise you on development paths and career opportunities. For specific cases, we invite you for a more detailed introduction. If there is a fit, we will put you in contact with the company. Both permanent jobs and interim (contract) assignments.

We believe that we are ready, when you have a good idea of ​​your development options and career opportunities and you work in a suitable organization in a job that fulfills your ambitions and where you go whistling to work.


Making technology work in your organization is the core of our business. Within the fast growing segment modern technology, we specialize in:


Transforming data to business. Professionals: especially data scientists and data engineers, with experience in methods, programming and infrastructure related to data


Getting valuable insights from data. Professionals: everybody who masters 'data crunching' for insights, eg. data analysts and business analysts in sector and functional disciplines


Predicting with patterns in data Professionals: everybody who works specifically at artificial intelligence, eg. machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning


Aiandus started in 2017 as specialist in the field of data science, analytics and AI. And we still are. But more and more we develop into a specialist in applying new, disruptive technologies as a strategic means to achieve competitive advantage. Independent of the specific technology. Increasingly, we expand our domain expertise. By now, we provide our well-known services – strategies and people – also in the fields of:

  • Quantum computing – Using quantum computers to solve specific problems and AI

Other technologies that we are investigating:

  • Blockchain – Defining transactions and contract without interference of a middleman
  • Robotics (RPA) – Far reaching intelligent automation of physical processes
  • Internet-of-things – Use of sensors and models to create a digital twin of reality


Below, you find a selection of thought leadership articles by our founder, Kees Groeneveld. You can find more articles at LinkedIn.


Survive, no, flourish in the 21st Century! One thing is certain: knowledge from patterns in data will make all the difference in the competition between companies and in improving services at institutions. It all starts with building a data-driven organization.

Data Analytics

Building a data driven organization …

Data Engineering

… with data science, analytics and AI


Our customers always are organizations, both businesses and institutions, who want to get more out of their data. We help our customers do so together with professionals, both freelance and permanently employed.


For our clients we have made it extremely easy to work with us. Whether it is about advice about how to build a data-driven organization, or the employment of temporary or fixed staff.

Free intake

Whether you want to discuss consultancy or recruitment of – contract or permanent – staff, we always love to give free advice about how to tackle your challenges. We do so in a separate intake. Based on our many years of experience in this business. And without any obligation. So, why wait? Let’s do it!

Assignment discussion

If the intake tastes like more, then we would like to make things a bit more concrete for you. We’ll then discuss with you the most interesting options to answer your question. And that might lead to an assignment from you to us, eg. for strategic advice, support for your implementtion or finding temporary or fixed candidates.

The easiest way is to call us without any obligation at INT + 31-(0)35 628 7197. But you may also mail us at Then, we will discuss your question and try to find the best solution for you.


We love to work with good professionals. As far as we are concerned, that may be done in an intensive or a less intensive way.

Become an associate

We work with associates. You love to work actively with us, and we with you. But you are not on our payroll. Our associates are connected to Aiandus, because we see mutual value in our collaboration and because we trust and like each other. We collaborate in building up knowledge and assignments for clients of Aiandus. And we have interesting tools for you, and a group of peers who can help you.

Register as candidate

Don’t you want to collaborate this actively (yet), but are you interested in assignments or a fixed job, then too it may be attractive for you to contact us. We may add you to our register of candidates. When we get a new customer assignment, that is the first place for us to look for suitable candidates.

Anyway, call us at INT+31 (0)35 628 7197. Or mail your CV with accompanying explanation to Then, we can discuss your wishes and see what may be the best solution for you.


Is the transformation to a data-driven organization of strategic importance for your company or institution? Then, an excellent data strategy and excellent data people are of crucial importance. We have developed DPS, Data Partner Service, for you! DPS is a multiyear, annually prolongued service through which we work with you continually to keep your data strategy up-to-date and to provide your organization with the best data people.

Aiandus, your data partner!

Interested? Call us at 035-628 7197 or email



We help companies and institutions to transform into a successful “data-driven” organization. The balance between people and technology determines success: what can people do better than technology, and vice versa. We do so by advising on ​​strategy and organization. Your people are crucial.

The balance between people and technology is so fundamental for us, that we named ourselves after it: Aiandus = “AI and us”


Based on our excellent personal relationships in ‘the data world’ and our professional expertise, for our interim and recruitment activities we have direct access to a (strongly growing) talent pool of very good executives and professionals, both freelance and employed. The absolute toppers, but also somewhat less experienced professionals. Not every position requires a (very expensive) unicorn, after all.


Vision, strategy and plan

Together with you as our client we develop your vision, strategy and implementation plan about how to ‘become a data driven organisation’, ie. how to deploy data in your business and how to best organise this. Eg.:

  • Develop a more or less disruptive data-driven business model
  • Develop a very concrete data strategy for your organization
  • Design your data-driven products, services and organization


Project managers and data professionals

We help you – together with your own people – to implement your plans, eg. with an interim project leader or project manager, and specialised data professionals, eg. data scientists, data engineers, analytics translators and ML engineers. Eg.:

  • A program manager who ensures governance and funding for your digital transformation
  • An interim Chief Data Officer, who sets up Data Science, Analytics and AI in your organization
  • An interim team of Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Analytics Translators


Executives, professionals and teams

We identify required in-house roles and functions. We help you recruit excellent permanent employees, eg. to form your data science team. We specialise in recruiting data executives, eg. CDO, and data science, analytics and artificial intelligence professionals. Eg.:

  • Step-by-step replacement of our interim data professionals by your fixed employees
  • Selecting and hiring a fixed Chief Data/Digital Officer for your organization
  • Selecting and hiring fixed Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Analytics Translators

In addition, we help candidates to make the transformation for successful work in the data-driven economy. We do so with career advice and coaching or we arrange great permanent or temporary work for you.

Note. Especially for start-ups and scale-ups we are open for equity deals in longer lasting partnerships. Please contact us for more info.



Data & analytics is a teamsport. You need a team to effectively build data driven products and services, let alone a data driven organization. It may well start with one specialist, but ultimately you will want a team.

In fact, every data & analytics team should have at least a Data Scientist, a Data Engineer and an Analytics Translator.

So, we have a team focus: typically, we build or complement – organically or through startup acquihire – data & analytics teams for our customers. Often executive search of a data & analytics executive, e.g. a Chief Data Officer, is a decisive part of that.


We may not have a flasy website, nor do we have a pingpong table or 26 blends of exotic coffee. We are pretty much no-nonsense. But what we are really fanatic about is this: happy customers, happy professionals and delivering top quality work!



As the Data & Analytics profession matures, we see more and more specialization in the field. These are a few examples of frequently demanded roles.


You are a software engineer with experience in distributed systems. Your responsibility will be the sw infrastructure that enables computation over large data sets.


You are a generalist data scientist or a specialist, e.g. a machine learning scientist. Your responsibility will be to extract insights from data using scientific methods.


You have a really thorough analytics education and background. It will be your responsibility to “translate data into plain English”: to use data to create better business insights and decisions.


You are a data scientist or data engineer who is 100% specialized in machine learning. Your responsibility will be to design or build machine learning solutions.


You are an experienced executive with a background in data & analytics. You will be responsible for transforming your organization into a data driven business.


You may or may not have deep technical knowledge. You will translate data & analytics to working business solutions. Learn more:


You are a product owner or product manager. It will be your responsibility to develop, grow and maintain data driven products and/or data driven services.


A data protection officer is a data security leader, responsible for overseeing the data protection strategy and its implementation.

Of course, there are other roles in data & analytics. Here we only mentioned the most frequent ones. Besides, new roles will emerge. The data & analytics profession is rapidly growing and will keep on changing.

Below, an example of how Data & Analytics could be organized:

Note. Above, we talk about functions, because that is easy to relate to. Your Data & Analytics efforts won’t work, though, without balanced teamwork and a focus on business results: read e.g. this or this Harvard Business Review article. A well-known method for this is DataOps.

If this makes you think twice, please invite us for a FREE workshop on how to organize Data & Analytics in your organization.


Data science, analytics and AI are an important but still young field. Names for roles and functions are often not yet unambiguous. And many combinations of roles exist. Also there are many related roles, such as Lean & Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, DevOps and a number of IT and business functions.

And some roles do not have enough exposure. For example, we think, that the role of Analytics Translator currently gets far too little attention. And don’t forget the roles of eg. Data Tester, Data Steward, and Data Consultant.

So, there are many other names for data & analytics specialists. Often these roles are named after a specific application or technology, like ML Expert. Of course, we are ready to help you find the right candidate or job. Such roles include e.g.:

  • Robotics (RPA) Expert

  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) Expert

  • Blockchain & Smart Contracts Expert

  • Quantum Computing Specialist

Also, it is important to note that Analytics Translators, Data Analysts and Data Product Managers usually have a specialization in an industry sector, e.g. financial services (FinTech) or healthcare (MedTech), or a functional specialization, e.g. HRM (People Analytics) or logistics (Smart Supply Chain, e.g. combined with IoT and Blockchain).


Are you a hiring company looking for advice or candidates, a candidate looking for new opportunities or a potential business partner for us? We would love to speak to you about your future plans and challenges in the exciting field of data science, analytics and AI. Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you asap.

Or call or mail us directly. See contact info below.


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