With consulting and implementation we help companies build a future-proof organization

We advise on building a future-proof organization in a time of digital, data and AI, and we realize the suggested approach.


You want to know who you work with. So, first let’s introduce ourselves. We are Aiandus, a group of exprienced professionals. We believe that people and technology are the fundamental building blocks of every modern future-proof organization.

“Data Driven. Human Centric.”

What we do

We help companies build a future-proof organization. We do so with consultancy on strategies to build a future-proof organization or parts of it. And we help to actually implement our suggested strategies. So, we can take care of the entire cycle from strategy, plan, implementation to the deployment of people. But each of those four separately is also possible. Whatever pleases you as our customer!

Who we are

Aiandus BV was founded in 2018 by Kees Groeneveld. Kees is a consulting veteran: from 1994 to 2018 he advised over 100 companies and institutions in more than 150 projects, eg. with PwC and Capgemini. And Kees is a former director of Korn Ferry. Aiandus is a network organization, staffed by diverse consulting and implementation professionals, such as strategy consultants, change and project managers, but also experts like data scientists, data analysts, data engineers and AI experts.

Where we operate

We are based in The Netherlands, so that is our natural focus. We do, however, occasionally work for clients in Europe, esp. the EU. And we wok with data & AI professionals from the Netherlands and sometimes abroad.

“Passionate people with smart tools can change the world”

The Aiandus creed

This is what we believe, this is what we stand for: passionate professionals with intelligent tools for a better world!


You understand what time we live in and you don’t want to be left behind. You want to build a robust, modern organization with data & analytics, “the new oil” for modern technologies such as artificial intelligence.

We advise and prepare an action plan together with you. And we search for the people who can implement the plan for you. These may be technical and not so technical people, hired through Aiandus or self-employed.

We believe that we are ready, when you have a workforce in your organization able to develop and maintain data-driven products, services and processes that are actively used by your customers and your organization.

We see the added value of an external consultant at four different levels:

  1. The improbable – We see the highest added value in what is sometimes called “breaking open the path to the improbable“. Sometimes you need a stranger to help you unravel yourself, ‘the outsider view’. External professionals have a different view of reality than the collective beliefs within your own organization. Externals know practices of other organizations that were apparently successful with this. And external parties can often shape a groundbreaking project for your organization more easily than you could yourself.
  2. The inevitable – Then there is such a thing as “accelerating the path to the inevitable“. Sometimes sensible decisions (often with a positive effect in the longer term) are difficult for an organization for all kinds of reasons. People with authority from your own organization are often not prepared to take on such a project. Or they feel forced to compromise so much during implementation that the intended effect is barely achieved. An external professional can then deliver the necessary acceleration.
  3. The necessary innovation – Traditionally, external consultants are hired to bring in new knowledge and experience gained from other organizations and/or sectors about what can and cannot work: “paving the path to innovation“.
  4. The helping hands – In practice, consultants are often hired simply to get work done, especially in times of a tight labor market. Flexible and quickly deployable. This is not our first goal as Aiandus, but we are always keen to help our customers solve their problems.


Making modern technology work in in harmony with the people of your organization. That is the core of our business. Within the fast growing segment modern technology, we specialize in all things digital, data & AI, especially:


Digital transformation is the use of modern (digital) technology to improve business performance. We help from plan to implementation.


Digital technologies produce data. Data can be used to gain insights and to further improve products, services and processes.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in intelligent product, services and processes. Using ChatGPT in business processes is an example.


Our customers always are organizations, both businesses and institutions, who want to get more out of modern technologies, esp. using data. We help our customers do so together with a team of trusted professionals.


For our clients we have made it extremely easy to work with us. Whether it is about advice about how to build a future-proof organization, or the employment of temporary or fixed staff.

Free intake

Whether you want to discuss consultancy or recruitment of – contract or permanent – staff, we always love to give free advice about how to tackle your challenges. We do so in a separate intake. Based on our many years of experience in this business. And without any obligation. So, why wait? Let’s do it!

Assignment discussion

If the intake tastes like more, then we would like to make things a bit more concrete for you. We’ll then discuss with you the most interesting options to answer your question. And that might lead to an assignment from you to us, eg. for strategic advice, support for your implementtion or finding temporary or fixed candidates.

The easiest way is to call us without any obligation at INT + 31-(0)35 628 7197. But you may also mail us at Then, we will discuss your question and try to find the best solution for you.


We love to work with good professionals. As far as we are concerned, that may be done in an intensive or a less intensive way.

Become an associate

We work with so-called associates. You love to work actively with us, and we with you. But you are not on our payroll. Our associates are connected to Aiandus, because we see mutual value in our collaboration and because we trust and like each other. We collaborate in building up knowledge and assignments for clients of Aiandus. And we have interesting tools for you, and a group of peers who can help you.

Register as candidate

Don’t you want to collaborate this actively (yet), but are you interested in great work, then too it may be attractive for you to contact us. We may add you to our register of candidate associates. When we get a new customer assignment, that is, next to our existing associates,  the first place for us to look for suitable professionals.

Anyway, call us at INT+31 (0)35 628 7197. Or mail your CV with accompanying explanation to Then, we can discuss your wishes and see what may be the best solution for you.



We help companies and institutions to transform into a successful future-proof  organization. The balance between people and technology determines success: what can people do better than technology, and vice versa. We do so by advising on ​​strategy and organization and realizing your plans.

The balance between people and technology is so fundamental for us, that we named ourselves after it: Aiandus = “AI and us”


Based on our very good personal relationships in ‘the digital, data & AI world’ and our professional expertise, we have direct access to a group of excellent, experienced managers and professionals, the Aiandus Associates.


Vision, strategy and plan

Together with you as our client we develop your vision, strategy and implementation plan about how to become a future-proof organisation, ie. how to deploy digital, data & AI in your business and how to best organise this. Eg.:

  • Develop a more or less disruptive data-driven business model
  • Develop a very concrete data strategy for your organization
  • Design your data-driven products, services and organization

And as additional service, we may help you to establish employer branding, especially focused on data and related professionals.


Project managers and data professionals

We help you – together with your own people – to implement your plans, eg. with an interim project leader or project manager, and specialised data professionals, eg. data scientists, data engineers, analytics translators and ML engineers. Eg.:

  • A program manager who ensures governance and funding for your digital transformation
  • An interim Chief Data Officer, who sets up Data Science, Analytics and AI in your organization
  • An interim team of Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Analytics Translators


As a supporting tool for implementation of change in your organization, we developed a change management framework, called ResetsX.


Are you looking for advice on future-proofing your organization? We would love to speak to you about your future plans and challenges in the exciting field of digital, data and AI. Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you asap.

Or call (INT+31-35-628 7197) or mail ( us directly. Or see more elaborate contact info below.


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