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The AIANDUS Analytics Translators Community is a fast growing network. Why join? For three beautiful reasons.

Never heard of Analytics Translator, but sounds interesting? – Early examples are Data Scientists with good understanding of their industry and organization, Product Owners and Managers of data-driven products or services, Chief Data or Digital Officers and Data Visualization Experts. You?

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If the activities described below sound like a dream job to you and if you have – or are developing – the skills described, then you may want to join the AIANDUS Analytics Translator Community!

1 – What Analytics Translators Do

As an Analytics Translator, you translate Big Data and Analytics based technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet-of-Things and Blockchain, into viable use cases and ultimately into successful data-driven products and services.

Analytics Translators bridge the gap between the technical Data Scientists and Data Engineers and the non-technical Business community.

You act as a translator, because the business community typically do not speak the technical language of algorithms and programming, and the technical specialists lack knowledge and experience of industry-specifics and people and change related issues.

Analytics Translators have three key business result areas:

  • Making stories and decisions with data   — Facts and data don’t convince. Stories and emotions do! As an Analytics Translator, you translate analytics-derived insights into actionable recommendations for the business community, eg. through visualization.

  • Translating analytics to business — As an Analytics Translator, you work with Data Scientists, Data Engineers and the Business Community to develop successful data-driven products and services.
  • Building a data-driven organization — Data-driven is the 21st Century organization model. As an Analytics Translator, you lead or help develop a data-driven organization in terms of strategy, structure, systems, style, staff, skills, shared values and strategy execution.

The core of the Analytics Translator function is the second result area, Translating analytics to business. We use the 5 step Data Science process as defined by McKinsey:

  1. In identifying and prioritizing business use cases, as an Analytics Translator, you work with business-unit leaders to identify and prioritize problems that analytics is suited to solve.
  2. In collecting and preparing data, as an Analytics Translator, you help identify the business data needed to produce the most useful insights.
  3. In building the analytics engine , as an Analytics Translator, you ensure that the solution solves the business problem in the most efficient and interpretable form for business users.
  4. In validating and deriving business implications, as an Analytics Translator, you synthesize complex analytics-derived insights into easy-to-understand, actionable recommendations that business users can easily extract and execute on.
  5. In implementing the solution and executing on insights, as an Analytics Translator, you drive adoption among business users.

One more thing!

At Aiandus, we believe that, based on our skills, next to our business responsibilities Analytics Translators have a special responsibility towards society:

  • Contributing to society   — We believe, that Analytics Translators have the skills and the social obligation to contribute to a data-driven society. This starts with building trust in data and analytics, eg. by helping citizens manage their personal data. And to provide society with correct, data-driven information and fight fake news: develop the understanding that data-driven information and findings – eg. science – may be different from a person’s individual intuition or opinion.

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2 – What Skills You Need

  • A STEM background — Preferrably a STEM education with substantial mathematics and software programming. You need knowledge and hands-on experience with analytics methods to be accepted as a serious counterpart by your data engineering colleagues, eg. general technical fluency, knowledge of ML algorithms and what type of algorithm is used for what type of problem solving and the ability to understand Python or R code without being an expert coder.

  • Domain (Industry/Function) skills — You must excel in a domain: either a functional specialization (e.g. marketing, finance, production, logistics, HRM) and/or an industry specialization (e.g. transport, insurance, banking, retail). Especially, you must be familiar with most of the use cases in your domain of technologies like online, AI, robotics, Internet of Things, blockchain and soon quantum computing. You work closely with (or as one of the) Product Owners or Product Managers.

  • People & Change skills — You need to be able to convince your organization to open up for the benefits of data and analysis from the data science team; also the many, many innumerate people, who frankly hate math and rather trust their intuition. The basis for People Skills is emotional intelligence. Examples are expressing yourself, building trust, understanding motives of other people, communication, collaboration, teamwork, coordinating with others, service orientation, convincing others, negotiation, credibility, people management and leadership. Next to that, you need to be able to lead (parts of) your organization through ‘technology driven change’, including program and project management skills, agility and an entrepreneurial spirit. You will play a major role in your organization becoming ‘data driven’: adopting data driven decision taking, developing data driven products and services, operating a data driven organization (‘data democracy’) and business processes.
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